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Ben Delaney’s Nonprofit Marketing Handbook
A hands-on guide to communications and marketing in nonprofit organizations

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Ebook ISBN: 978-1-63173-981-1
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-49734-113-5

About this book

Ben Delaney's Nonprofit Marketing HandbookThere are more than a million nonprofit organizations in the United States, and every one of them needs to tell its story, find clients, solicit donations, sell services, and encourage its volunteers. Yet few have a marketing department, and many have serious challenges in meeting their communications and marketing goals.

When I was hired to be the first ever marketing and communications director for a San Francisco nonprofit engaged in public school reform, I searched Amazon and my local bookstores for a guidebook. With more than 30 years of marketing experience, I was comfortable that I knew my craft – but I wanted some counsel on what marketing and communications (MarCom) was like in the nonprofit world. I was terribly disappointed – the few books available that addressed the issue were dry as dust, academic tomes that seemed to be a hundred years old. Still I bought the most-praised. And was I ever frustrated. The author, knowledgeable and didactic, struck a note of ivory-tower purity that had little in common with the down and dirty, hectic, pressure-filled, and deadline dependant world of marketing in which I had worked for so many years. And indeed, when I started my new job, I found that marketing in a nonprofit was a lot like the work I had done for dozens of high-tech companies and startups. It was not dry and dead. It was full of life, replete with exacting requirements, personality issues, cultural sensitivities, and impossible deadlines.

After I left that job, I decided that I could help the next me, the nonprofit MarCom initiate, by providing a book that summarizes what that person needs to do, and how to do it successfully, in the nonprofit environment. Addressed to the MarCom manager in small to medium sized nonprofits, this book assumes that the reader has little formal knowledge of marketing. In plain language, it provides a hands-on reference that can be referred to frequently, providing checklists and actionable tips to make marketing easier and more effective.

I start by comparing cultures, and continue through the basic concepts, tools, and processes that ensure success in nonprofit MarCom. I conclude with a glossary and bibliography that provide additional resources for the nonprofit marketing team.

The book is based on System Marketing™, my system of marketing based on aligning goals, procedures, and communications to all pull in the same directions, with verbal, nonverbal, electronic, print, and attitudes all reinforcing the same message. System Marketing involves the entire organization to create a comprehensive, cohesive marketing environment.

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Table of Contents

  • Acknowledgements
  • Building a Successful Nonprofit MarCom Program
  1. Introduction: Systems Marketing™ Ties it All Together (click here to read this chapter)
  2. How Your Favorite Nonprofit is Just Like a Hot Internet Startup
  3. Some Best Practices for Nonprofit Marketing
  4. A Few More Best Practices in Nonprofit MarCom
  5. Using Social Media Well
  6. The Importance of Branding
  7. You May Have Heard This Before
  8. Building Your Messaging Foundation
  9. The 4 C’s of Good Communications
  10. The Marketing Mix
  11. Marketing Versus Sales
  12. Websites 101: Making Your Website Findable
  13. Making Search Engines Work For You
  14. Stickiness: Your Website Needs It
  15. Testing, Testing, 1,2,3
  16. The Best Exercise is Walking
  17. Making the Most of Events
  18. Writing the Press Release that People Read
  19. About Advertising
  20. What to Measure, Why and When
  21. How to Help Your Board Help You
  22. Helpful Resources
  • Your Nonprofit Marketing Glossary
  • About the Author

Ben Delaney's Nonprofit Marketing Handbook was published in May 2014 as in Kindle and paperback formats. To receive more information, please click here. To order on Amazon, click here.