Some Readers' Comments

"This book makes me feel as though I have a marketing guru on my desk.

As the Business and Ops Manager of a tiny non-profit, I have become accustomed to learning how to "do things myself". To that end, I have ready lots of (mostly) helpful material in order to master various topics. While I have learned a lot this way, few of these books have given me the confidence and understanding that this book delivers.

Mr. Delaney's book stands-out for a number of reasons. His straightforward style combined with his ability to distill important points makes his book easy to read and understand. More importantly, he provides information that can help you take immediate steps towards building or improving your marketing plan.

My favorite parts include his list of marketing and communications tools (i.e. websites, handouts and radio). Each tool is evaluated in a variety of ways - pro's and con's, ROI, relative cost and more and enables the reader to be "a smart marketer". I also loved the hints on how to choose a logo wisely - timed perfectly for me as I evaluate the logo we are considering for maximum usability.

I could go on, but suffice it to say that Ben Delaney's Nonprofit Market Handbook is a go-to reference for me and a book that I highly recommend."

Nonprofit Business and Operations Manager

"I've just finished reading Ben Delaney's EXCELLENT book on marketing. Notice, I left out the "nonprofit" qualifier. This is a basic handbook useful to ANYONE with ANYTHING to market. I've been marketing artists and shows myself for many years, and even teaching performing artists how to market themselves. This is the first time I've run across anything so clear and concise on the subject.

There are hundreds, probably thousands of books on the subject of sales and marketing (not the same thing, as Delaney points out, but certainly related). I have a bookshelf full of them. Many are good, but none have the simplicity and straightforwardness of the Nonprofit Marketing Handbook. I know so many folks trying to run their own small businesses, who are really good at producing what they produce, but completely in the dark about how to MARKET what they do... and they wind up becoming angry and frustrated, because they find themselves spending all their time marketing, and very little of it actually doing what they got into the business to do. Don't be one of those unhappy struggling small business people. Buy this book. Read it (hey, it's only 146 pages, how long can it take?). And do what Ben Delaney recommends. Your life will change for the better, I promise!"

Anonymous Amazon Reviewer

"Ben's book pulls together all of the information that a nonprofit needs to create a great marketing program. He includes the roles of the board, staff and constituents and show how they all are part of the process. I took copious notes and plan to refer back to this book often."

Kathy Mattes
Urban Solutions Board Chair

"Nonprofit organizations need to reach out to the public for different reasons - find clients, solicit funding, inform the public about your services or even look for volunteers. These institutions need to communicate in a way that speaks to their target audience and brings the desired results, and this book shows you how to achieve this. In this dynamic era, there is no better way to reach out to millions of people than by taking advantage of the opportunities created by the internet, and other modern communication tools. Ben Delaney shows you exactly how to use these helpful and cost-effective communication tools. This book gives a complete A-Z guide on how to achieve effective marketing and communication in nonprofit organizations.

Ben Delaney’s Nonprofit Marketing Handbook is a simple and effective guide that will turn any regular individual into a marketing and communications expert for nonprofit organizations. Ben Delaney does not just share ideas on the effective tools for marketing and communication in small and medium size nonprofit organizations. He goes further to give you clear guidance on how to apply these tools to get your desired results. The tried and tested marketing and communication techniques advised are simple, practical, effective and affordable. This book is very informative and would be a worthy read for anyone planning to start a nonprofit organization or already running one and wishing to discover the most effective way to reach out to their intended audience."

Faridah Nassozi
Readers' Favorite

"I found the book to be a very well structured and practical guide to effective nonprofit marketing. You have, in my opinion, got the balance right between emphasising the need to remain focussed on the more traditional marketing, communicating and fundraising tools and the need to use social media - but to do so in a way where we don’t lose sight of the human factor.

I’m sure this handbook will be a useful addition to the library of every non-profit’s marketing and communications teams. It is as equally applicable to the situation here in the UK as it is in the US."

Barry Evetts
Chair, BookRelief UK

"Extremely well written and unlike some books/guides, it was not boring — I didn't want to put it down. It is quite evident that you have a vast amount of experience and knowledge and I am very thankful that you are able to share it.

I believe that this book is one that I can use as a tool that will provide others on my board of directors with the information and understanding needed to effectively make better decisions on matters surrounding our marketing strategy and implementing this strategy."

Keegan Taylor
Nonprofit Board Member

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