Ben has worked as a consultant for many years, addressing many tough marketing and business problems in a variety of fields. His hands-on approach combines with a broad and deep understanding of business, nonprofit operations and marketing communications to provide cost-effective solutions for his clients.

Ben Delaney and Cliff Lewis accept $159K check from Chevron His experience as a nonprofit executive and board member enables Ben to understand the complex issues facing nonprofits today. With successful experience growing a nonprofit social enterprise, Delaney adds manufacturing and retail operations to his portfolio. He has been a successful fund raiser while also developing diverse stream of earned income. He focuses on sustainability, team building, evaluation, and most importantly, optimizing impact for nonprofit organizations.

Mr. Delaney is available for short and long-term consulting and interim nonprofit executive assignments. He is also available to assist with for-profit marketing projects. Mr. Delaney accepts engagements throughout the world. Contact him for a no-obligation discussion of your organization’s needs.

Ben Delaney and Cliff Lewis accept $159K check from
Chevron for the ReliaTech 3.0 business plan that Delaney developed.

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