Case Studies
Ben Delaney works with a variety of clients on a wide range of issues. Here are a few of his completed assignments. Click on the company name for a description of each assignment.

CGSD Corp.

CGSD publishes the respected newsletter, Real Time Graphics. CyberEdge President, Ben Delaney provides a monthly column of commentary on the VizSim industry and related topics. Readers comment; "The fantastic article that you penned…was well researched and well written." "Amen to your SIGGRAPH assessment. I always read the RTG newsletter because there is a lot of relevant information in it. The conference reports are also quite valuable and commentary from people such as yourself help to prod thinking and discussion between me and some fellow tech weenies." "Thanks for writing of your utter disgust at the Quake / CAVE extravaganza. I too am disturbed by "researcher's" interest in this game and the attitudes towards it."

EDS Europe


French Ministry of Culture

IEEE Publications

Jon Peddie Research



Schlumberger Information Services

Springboard Schools