Eight things I believe, which provide a foundation for my work:

  1. Our environment supports all life on Earth, and we must stop poisoning it, or we will cease to exist.
  2. Our children are our future and if we do not educate them well our prospects are dire.
  3. Social enterprises can give nonprofits unexpected benefits.
  4. Every enterprise can and should be a social enterprise.
  5. Ben Delaney -- Ready to help your organization suceed.
  6. Every nonprofit needs to consider its sustainability plan as strategic and crucial.
  7. Every enterprise works best if it is seen as a goal-oriented system of connected and essential people and activities.
  8. I can do my small bit to foster improvement in each of these areas.
  9. My work in the nonprofit world provides the opportunity to address important issues.

I would like to help your organization increase its impact and efficiency.