Ben Delaney Effective, Accountable Leadership For Nonprofit Organizations
Over 30 years of executive leadership, marketing, and evaluation experience enables me to increase the impact of a mission-driven organization and social enterprises. I lead and collaborate on teams that enhance the mission, values, culture and impact of organizations that serve the community and the world. I have had executive responsibility in organizations showing consistent growth and triple bottom line impact. I consider mentorship and team growth an important aspect of my leadership.

Nine Qualifications and Accomplishments
I believe the nonprofit and for-profit organizations have a lot to learn from each other. My approach to nonprofit leadership challenges is to creatively apply the best and most effective practices from both sectors and use data to evaluate results. I have developed and led strong teams of internal and external members in the US and internationally. Here are a some of my accomplishments.

  1. More than 30 years of successful executive experience in both for- and nonprofit organizations as team member, builder and leader. Planning, operational, and bottom-line responsibility.
  2. Increased social enterprise revenue by >300% during the recent recession. I exceed expectations by taking the best practices of business and applying them in the not-for-profit culture.
  3. Created over 150 jobs. ReliaTech’s paid internships give participants a 25% greater chance of obtaining their next technology job within the year.
  4. Raised over $1,000,000 in financial and in-kind donations from corporate, foundation, nonprofit and government partners, supplementing development department efforts.
  5. Optimized non-profit websites providing 400% increase in website visitors per month.
  6. Develop effective and accountable marketing and communications campaigns using all media to optimize results while controlling costs. All marketing programs are data-driven.
  7. Over 100 articles and three books in print, and scores of public presentations and citations. Book, Ben Delaney's Nonprofit Marketing Handbook, Second Edition, published in June 2018. Book, Virtual Reality 1.0 – the 90's, published in November 2014. Many US and international television appearances, dozens of citations in US and international publications, presentations in more than a dozen countries.
  8. Award Winner: Platinum MarCom Award: Ben Delaney's Nonprofit Marketing Handbook. 2014: Ava Gold Award: Springboard Schools 2007 Gala Commemorative DVD. Gold MarCom Awards: 2007, Writing, Springboard Schools Annual Report. 2007, Nonprofit Annual Report, Springboard Schools. 2006, Springboard Schools Commemorative DVD.
  9. Experience includes: Nonprofit Executive, strategic planning, evaluation, operations, program management, budgeting, branding, advertising, audience development, fund-raising, social media, SEO, direct marketing, public relations, product management, market research, technology trends.
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